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NIS-1 MPA Team

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The following people are actively involved in MPA research:




Joachim Birn jbirn@lanl.gov 505-667-9232
Joseph E. Borovsky jborovsky@lanl.gov 505-667-8368
Dot Delapp ddelapp@lanl.gov 505-665-1543
Richard C. Elphic relphic@lanl.gov 505-665-3693
S. Peter Gary pgary@lanl.gov 505-667-3807
David J. Lawrence djlawerence@lanl.gov 505-667-0945
Sylvestre Maurice maurice@obs-mip.fr 505-665-0837
David J. McComas dmccomas@swri.edu 505-667-0138
Evan Noveroske enoveroske@lanl.gov 505-667-9715
David M. Suszcynsky dsuszcynsky@lanl.gov 505-665-3119
Michelle F. Thomsen mthomsen@lanl.gov 505-667-1210
Loretta A. Weiss  lweiss@lanl.gov   505-665-2049 

Further information about NIS-1 personnel is available:

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Radio and Ionospheric Physics Team
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